Promotional Compliance

Managing commercial materials in life sciences is an immensely time-consuming exercise. Sales and marketing teams, as well as medical and regulatory affairs colleagues, spend significant proportions of their working day (and often night!) engaged with materials at various stages of their lifecycle:

  • creation
  • review
  • approval
  • production
  • distribution
  • expiry & withdrawal
  • re-use & sharing

approval process

With more than 20+ years life sciences industry experience in Europe & Asia, Max Power Consulting offers a unique service to life sciences companies faced with optimising their promotional compliance processes.

We have a unique perspective, having extensive first-hand experience with both Zinc MAPS and Veeva Vault, as well as Aprimo Marketing Studio. Of course, you can always ask the vendors. But if you want an independent, expert opinion, contact us first.

Services we offer

We offer a unique global consulting service to life sciences companies, in the area of promotional compliance processes and related software solutions:

  • software vendor selection / negotiation
  • compliance process audit
    • efficiency
    • compliance
    • areas for improvement
  • admin training
  • end-user training
  • requirements gathering
    • local
    • regional
    • global
  • user feedback / satisfaction / gap analysis
  • process improvement / definition / documenting
  • internal governance

Benefits to you

  • genuine, independent advice/perspective
  • deep industry experience (specifically in commercial materials approvals)
  • no more “borrowing your watch to tell you the time”!