iPromotion – Reps with iPads – fabulous or tedious? Get the GP’s perspective.

Ever since the Wall Street Journal headline[1] in 2010 “iPads Are Latest Weapon in Medical Sales”, thousands and thousands of iPads have been sold to pharmaceutical companies, and reps with iPads are now a common sight in GP surgeries across Australia.

The advantages to the industry are obvious – but what do GPs think as the recipients of this new approach? Find out by ordering a copy of iPromotion 2012 from Max Power Consulting. Conducted online during September 2012, iPromotion 2012 contains feedback from 200 GPs across Australia, all of whom have been detailed by reps with iPads. The report contains data on the following:

iPromotion2012 - reps with iPads









iPromotion 2012 is available NOW, and costs $5,500 + GST. An attitudinal segmentation of GPs from the study, based on their experience of reps with iPads to date, will also be available for an additional $1,500 + GST.

To order your copy of iPromotion 2012, please click here.

Alternatively, please contact us if you have any questions, or to discuss further options:

  • if GPs are not your target audience
  • to conduct follow-up research on target GPs your reps have called on


[1] Kamp J, Cheng R 2010, “iPads Are Latest Weapon in Medical Sales” The Wall Street Journal 10 December. Available here.